About BAPO

The Bulgarian Association of Psycho-Oncology (BAPO) was established by psychologists, engaged in the clinical practice with cancer patients.

The main aim of BAPO is to promote the Psycho-Oncology in Bulgaria in order to make the psychological support an integral part of cancer treatment and contribute to the ethics of care for cancer patients.

This includes the provision of information to patients, families and medical staff about the emotional aspects of cancer and assistance in building a supportive relationship among them at all stages of the disease (diagnosis, active treatment and palliative care).


Alexander GeorgievTokuda Hospitalmartalex@abv.bg
Alexander MilanovCity Clinic Oncology Centerinfo@amilanov.org
Anita MilushevaUniversity Specialized Hospital for Active Treatement in Oncologymilusheva_ani@abv.bg
Veselina NedelchevaAssociation of Cancer Patientsvesnedel4eva@abv.bg
Gergana IvanovaSpecialized Hospital for Active Treatment of Oncologic Diseases, Varnaivanova_azimuth@abv.bg
Daniela DimitrovaCentral Hospital, Oncology Unit, Plovdivdani02@abv.bg
Dimitrina GrigorovaTota Venkova Hospital, Medical Oncology and Chemotherapy Unit, Gabrovodimgrig@abv.bg
Ekaterina VitkovaComplex Oncology Center, Plovdivkatia_vitkova@yahoo.co.uk
Elena AtanasovaComplex Oncology Center, Plovdivelen_atanasova@abv.bg
Zlatina GeorgievaComplex Oncology Center, Veliko Turnovozl.georgieva@gmail.com
Zlatka StoilovaNonestoilova_z@abv.bg
Ivaila GeorgievaSpecialized Children’s Oncohaematology Hospitalivailageorgieva@mail.bg
Ivan InkovMilitary Medical Academy, Breast Surgery Unitinkov@mysurgery.bg
Iliana AlexandrovaAssociation of Cancer Patientsilianna_alex@abv.bg
Ilian IlievSt. Pantaleimon Hospital, Plevenilianiliev1970@abv.bg
Iskra DachevaSpecialized Hospital for Active Treatment of Oncologic Diseases, Sofiaidacheva@abv.bg
Iordan IordanovNonedancho_yordanov@abv.bg
Kristina GeorgievaAssociation Cancer Patients and Friendskristina_georgieva84@mail.bg
Margarita TareynCity Clinic Oncology Centerm.tareyn@abv.bg
Mariela KaraivanovaComplex Oncology Center, Shumenmarielakaraivanova@abv.bg
Maria IvanovaComplex Oncology Center, Vratzamaraki1978@abv.bg
Svilen LapakovNonegreenmamabg@doctor.bg
Silvia ZvetkovaMedical University, Plevensborcvet@abv.bg
Stefka ChinchevaHospital Serdika, Medical Oncology Unitstefka.chincheva@gmail.com


a: 23 Fritioff Nansen Blvd., Sofia 1142, Bulgaria

m: 00359 889 526195

е: info@bapo.bg

w: www.bapo.bg